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Lost Miidia thread


2024/06/04 (Tue) 11:52:58

Share your favourite piece of Mii lost media here for a chance to be featured in my next video! remember to add a link to your platform or site in the URL box so i know how to credit you

2024/06/04 (Tue) 17:47:12

Lost Miidia are such a fascinating things ! Like did you know that there once was a tech-demo shown at E3 2006 in which a sports that is not present in the final version of Wii Sports was shown ?

What about New Super Mario Bros. Mii ? It was another tech-demo shown at E3 2011 in which Miis were the main playable character of a Mario game

Even better yet, the very first Mii Maker with an avatar looking like a Mii was from a game that never saw the light of day, titled "Otona no Onna no Uranai Techou", it was going to be a fortune teller game that was then reworked into Tomodachi Collection.

There are many cases of Lost Medias linked to Mii and I can't wait to see your video dedicated to those obscure subject !

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