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Enshittification and piracy


2024/06/04 (Tue) 11:12:52

I've always been pro piracy. The first time I remember pirating something was when I was 11, and I used to download Pokemon game ROMs on my phone. I believe people being able to access the media they love is almost always a benefit to society.

I've recently noticed a huge spike in piracy amongst people in my personal life who I never would've imagined being interested in doing that kind of thing. I think this is due to the services they usually use for consuming media, mainly movies and TV, becoming so poor that it actually becomes a better experience to simply pirate the media then it is to navigate these annoying and expensive services.

I for one, am absolutely thrilled about this though, as it means I get to teach my mom how to commit minor crimes
2:Emmanuel :

2024/06/05 (Wed) 00:42:48

woo piracy ftw (pretend that's a pirate flag)
3:Alex :

2024/06/05 (Wed) 02:17:15

I'm someone who tries to avoid piracy personally (though I don't judge others) but man, it feels like some companies nowadays are purposefully trying to drive people to it!

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