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tomodachi life


2024/06/02 (Sun) 16:06:43

Do you guys think there will ever be another TL game?

2024/06/03 (Mon) 11:25:47

I think so, if Miis are on the next system, which I'm decently optimistic about. Miitopia did pretty well on Switch, and Nintendo seems more open to LGBT presence in their games with how the TTYD remake presented Vivian in the localization.

2024/06/03 (Mon) 12:35:01

Yeah, I'm fairly certain Miis will be on the next console because Nintendo has stated that the Nintendo account system from the Switch will transfer over, and since you can use Miis as PFPs, I assume they'd be available on the new console too. But as far as TL goes, I'm still unsure. I don't feel like gay marriage would be the thing to stop the game from being released though. I'm more worried about whether or not they see Tomolife as a profitable enough endeavor to be worth remaking/releasing. I believe it would be, but I'm also not Nintendo

2024/06/04 (Tue) 18:52:21

I may be delusional but I personally think that Nintendo will at some point make a New Tomodachi game,or at least something similar to it such as Miitopia or Miitomo.

Tomodachi Life on 3DS was such a success online even back when internet wasn't quite wide spread yet and with the features that allowed to transfer screenshots and videos on your computer, Miitopia on Switch has had such a big popularity when it released due to streamers and social medias influencer posting about their walkthroughs of the game, and I can't see why the Tomodachi series would be any different.

I guess that only the future will tell..
5:Alex :

2024/06/05 (Wed) 02:14:16

I definitely think we'll get another TL game! This is because we got Miitopia on the Switch (which I really didn't expect) so it shows that Nintendo still has some interest in Miis. I also think that there's a lot that could be added to TL for a sequel.

I know that on the English speaking side of the internet there's a lot of interest in a sequel which makes me optimistic, but I'm not sure about what Japanese fans think?

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